Monday, 3 August 2015


Time flies!! One full year since this journey began. Over 10,000 visits on , over hundred blogs with 15000 page views on , 75% clients expressing numerical improvement in  self- rated scores, 83% satisfaction rating, 65% referrals are a story by themselves. Two years ago, my instructors and mentors at coaching school kept telling me, ‘Coaching works’, and I, on the other side of the table, wondered ‘how’, situation similar to my patronizing clients who, even now, keep asking me as their ‘first’ question.

It’s been an adventurous excursion, much more exciting than I thought it would be, and much more fulfilling than my 26 years of corporate career from a trainee to a spearhead. Each session increasingly satiated me as a human being, relishing the sense of relief, resolution and forward movement that was reflected in the smiles clients exuded. My belief and conviction on ‘Doing’ strengthened more than ever before, as I witnessed many engaged clients overcoming varied barriers, some with discipline, and some with expected struggle, but still moving forward. Some personal, others distant, but each conversation continues to be very close to my heart.

More than anything, what I always revered was their courage to step out of what they thought was mundane and deserved to be replaced with lasting positive action. Being fully appreciative of their valiant effort and trust, I truly thank all of them for not only making it happen for them, but also letting me learn so much from all that they had, that brought them where they are. I applaud for their pro-action, that, very few are able to conceive and initiate.

My heartfelt gratitude to those I could not engage with, or, they could not make up their mind for a coaching engagement. I take this opportunity to urge them to seek some mutually accountable relationships supportive of their growth and life goals with someone, sometime later. We live only once, and it may be a good idea to do it well. I stay committed to the cause.

Reinforcing my resolve to help many more individuals through this transcendent, action driven learning theme, I remain grateful for all that happened during this magnificent journey. A humble thank you once again!!

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