Thursday, 8 October 2015

Let it all go, See what stays

I have been trying to apprehend for a while, what causes happiness (not to be confused with success at all) and holistic growth. It is quite metaphorical why people begin to flutter and fumble with reasonable success and find it difficult to move on slickly. I have been, therefore carefully observing one extremely important gauge in my area of entrepreneur and executive coaching, scalability & sustainability.


The two are quite intertwined and interchangeable. Following the golden rule, ‘You can do anything, but not everything’, scalability and sustainability require constant change in quantum and quality of goals, and therefore shedding many past patterns.


Over time, the emotional, social, professional, financial or relationship acquisitions become perceptual ‘assets’, giving a false sense of ownership, or sometimes sticky obsession, and this is where serious issues emerge. Inefficiency, drainage, clogging, negativity are natural fall-outs of such obsession, and it is common to see people growing into ‘control freaks’. This almost is like a bulky rock tied to one swimming against the tide.

It is only those who learn to take a deep breath, learn to control the instinct to hold on to uncontrollable, shed unproductive/irrelevant ownership, observe with neutrality, and attain focus on what needs it the most create sustainability, scalability and stay relevant over longer time. It is about cutting clutter, negotiating turbulence and striving to discover and attain a favorable jet stream, leading one to self-defined homeostasis. Letting go is moving on, towards positive goals that are scalable and sustainable.


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