Thursday, 4 February 2016

Ten steps to traverse your journey to change

I was quite astonished to see a sudden surge in enquiries around New Year day, expressing intent to work on changing ‘something’ in life, and what could be better than a new year to begin. I could sense that most had terrific understanding of ‘what’ needs to change in their lives, and also the fact that when people sit back and mull over their ‘as is’ situation over ‘desired’ position, they are able to get great answers. Not surprised though, as I believe in the power of ‘inner core’.


I always have followed some basic premises when it comes to committing to a change;


  1. Know the need for change – Focusing on areas of highest pain helps focus the effort.
  2. Understand intensity – Usually what pains most is felt at highest intensity. There is no ‘right time’ if you feel higher intensity for a change.
  3. Visualise how future would look like – If it is changed or dealt with, what would it look like.
  4. Understand what you could resist – Behaviours change by thrashing comfort zones.
  5. Commit, invoking all inner strength – Once committed, take it as ‘irrespective’. Establish benchmarks for yourself, not relative to many others. Trust your inner power.
  6. Engage with positive people to soak motivation and goodness. Affirm to the desired.
  7. Be mindful during change – Win over each emotion, feeling that is encountered en-route.
  8. Celebrate, and reward yourself for each win, and re-charge to overcome failure. Feel the change even ‘physically’ in your body.
  9. Look back only to know how far you have reached. Not sideways to where others have.
  10. During the process, build accountability and find an agent of change. One who can help you traverse through this journey. Find a good coach who can support you during the process.


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