Sunday, 25 January 2015

Decongest your life to succeed

As human beings, the only common thing we share across the diverse spectrum of countries, jobs, stature or age, is the clock, or time. All of us have similar number of hours, but few work more within those 24 hours, some sleep more, and the people who stand apart, are those who BE more. These are the people who succeed more often than not.

They are the ones who differentiate between urgent and important, productive, unproductive and counterproductive, necessities and temptations, following their path or following the crowd. They are able to attain equilibrium in their circle of personal perspective. This invariably makes them much more efficient, balanced, complete life. Time management and being holistic is therefore the crux of a dream life. To get a deeper perspective on this visit ( ) and write to us, issues that you are facing.

Saturday, 24 January 2015

Build accountability for successful execution

Most people with reasonable maturity and experiential learning, develop the sense for right and wrong for themselves, and subconsciously know the direction. This is the genesis of good intents that people struggle to translate into action. They realise the repercussions of forward movement and even dream about the outcomes. It is at this stage that execution becomes a big pitfall for most.

Successful execution requires accountability and once that commitment happens, execution barriers are overcome. Think of a simple alarm or a reminder that ensures we get into requisite action, and in time. Imagine what accountability can do to the process of positive change in lives of those who support their intents with accountability, and will to act. To know more about accountability for execution, visit ( )

Monday, 19 January 2015

Here is why to stop living with Inhibitions

Inhibitions prevent action and keeps people in a shell, camouflaging from a perceptually unsafe situation. This is that mental process that blocks growth among individuals, blocking possibilities by keeping them restrained from initiating an action. I am only arguing about negative inhibitions for now as they are inept behaviours;

  1. They grow stronger with time; and become sticky, keeping individuals stuck at the point of homeostasis.
  2. They can affect self talk, if they become deep rooted or remain unmanaged, resulting into conflicts and frustration.
  3. One can be sure of killing many opportunities that may come on way as these blocks will keep him from accepting them, limiting growth.
  4. They enforce straight line thinking, justifying what people do, killing ‘alternative’ thinking, the building block of ‘innovation’.
  5. Inhibitions block simple resolutions that may be possible, and in sight, for they would require proactive action or resolution.
    It is the cognizance of these inhibitions that is required as the first step to overcome them and approach everything desired with confidence and energy. This appears to be the most difficult first step, but the highest impact area that can help people experience change and control. Visit( ) or Call +91 9893222222 for more.

Sunday, 11 January 2015

Facing headwinds? Think of chunking

Most businesses face headwinds when faced with the challenge of scaling up, and attribute the same to market, people or product issues. I reality, many of these are approach issues. The way business issues are viewed into smaller chunks, viz.. segments, sub segments or functions can make significant impact on the performance, easing out the resistance and improving focus.

I have been aiding a client on building a business friendly information system that incorporates chunking as approach and is likely to relieve him of superficial view of business, yet seeding in a culture of detailing at all levels. Managing a larger picture using sum of the parts approach always expands the value of the individual parts, and fires up multiple smaller engines aiding growth. Also this approach throws up an opportunity to identify small but strategic issues that may require attention at times. The devil does lie in detail.

Monday, 5 January 2015

Using experiences as propellants

I conceived this thought after meeting up with an extremely successful entrepreneur, who, during an exploratory session, talked about his positive and extremely negative experiences ranging from his childhood to his successful time. I could sense passion, purpose and high magnitude of his drive.

Unintentionally, I began comparing this with many of those with much lower drive despite much higher ambition, leading to over committing and under delivering. Here are the effects of using past experiences if one can master the art with a positive intent;

  1. Experiences help you cut short; using them in the right context as filters, they can help take logical short cuts, leading to faster goal attainment.
  2. Experiences build a sense of urgency; they are great starting points that have the potential to build high momentum or “blast off”, and help overcome procrastination.
  3. Experiences help you build a yardstick; one can set new benchmarks and norms of performance, and thus a competitive spirit. They help people define the purpose and meaning for choosing a destination.
  4. Experiences grow you as a person; those who learn to use both positive and negative experiences constructively, reinforce success, or course correct while navigating their path to success. And here is a fine line, and a caution; these should not become overpowering drivers that deviate people from their course.
    There are no mistakes, only learning’s. There are no negative experiences, only opportunities to grow and flourish. So, use your experiences as fuel that can propel you forward, and enjoy the process of evolution. ( )

Saturday, 3 January 2015

Enjoy solitude

Solitude is powerful, it helps you see things with a detached builds positive self talk and let's you feel your true self.

Friday, 2 January 2015

Thinking big?

Do not let small things obstruct the larger picture..get your mind to think as big as possible..follow it with action, resources and attitude.

Thursday, 1 January 2015

Wake up and smell the coffee

Hard work is inevitable.. Do dream, but work hard and chase them

First day of 2015 – Make a positive start

New Year holidays are over and it is time to be back at work. Just a quick reminder of the 5 C’s, nearly everyone would have resolved to, starting today;

  1. Clutter free work desk: A day to clean up your work desk, honestly entrust yourself to maintain a new diary that reminds you of focus on dates, time management and pave your way to new beginning.
  2. Communicate: Reinforce relationships, wish all those who have been missed out at work. Good to reach out and greet with warmth. Have a word with your teams and supervisor and build bridges.
  3. Collaborate: Pledge to working in teams and co-create. This is the start line and it is easier to begin that way. This will be a seamless success sutra for a long time in future. Co-creation will help drive results for everyone.
  4. Complete: It may be a good day to look at listing out pendency’s and assign a schedule to have a sense of closure.
  5. Commit:  Ensure becoming a sincere part of the larger team and organizational goal and carve out your contributions formally and informally. This will help set your professional direction.

Happy first day of 2015!! Set yourself for success!! ( )