Sunday, 17 May 2015

Choosing to break out

Rock bottom became the solid foundation on which I rebuilt my life – J.K.Rowling


“I am fortunate to have a Coach like Dr. Alok Purohit, and shall always be. I was going through my lowest low in my career and had opportunity of coaching sessions by him. He has terrific insight into people and helped me to diagnose and empowered me to fix them my way. His follow up is amazing, and goes much beyond professional engagement. His level of understanding is beyond imagination and above all, he is very humble. His practical approach and wisdom makes him stand above all.”

Best luck.. Abhinav Sonwalkar


This endorsement made my day today morning. Professionally least expected from someone who I engaged with, with few months ago, but strong semblance of trust and honesty he had all this while to write this for me. It takes courage to admit and accept someone’s contribution to our cause, and more than that, to endorse with name. I have though changed the name for non- negotiable professional values.


The story is a memoire’ and a distinct record in my mind, for, he walked in deep sense of despondence, facing crisis in his career at senior managerial position. Living in a self- built comfort zone for long, lost account of many other collateral damages that happened as a side effect of professional mediocrity. A long wait before resolution of the conflicts he had been living with, resulted in sticky negative thoughts and relapsing of dysfunctional blocks. The situation was nearly alarming as I do not remember any client travelling into the town and camping for three days. Even the intensive 5 hour a day sessions I would rarely do with any client.


The results were mind blowing. We could co-create some action points that were completely owned by the client and acted to perfection. It was 18 days that the plan fetched results, and he was back with a bang. A new assignment, new perspective at work and determination to work on his sharp edges to take control is what he returned back with. While this was a tactical solution that helped fix immediate issues, it was representative enough of the efficacy of self- determination aided by coaching effort. I did not have a magic wand but clients effort paid off. While I know that if ignored, the older behaviours would tend to relapse, I wish him well in his endeavours.


The take-outs are as follows;

  1. Do not hesitate to ask for help when one cannot manage a situation himself
  2. Deciding not to live with inhibitions and breaking out of the orbit by initiating change and act on it.
  3. In deepest of disappointments, their lies an opportunity to bounce back, while it is not advisable to wait. All such situations may not be retrievable.
  4. Never leave change effort in between. Antipyretics can cure fever but you need antibiotics to cure the root, the infection.


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Thursday, 14 May 2015

Lessons from a young entrepreneur

I have had an opportunity to meet a young entrepreneur few days ago and it was quite a discovery. Nimble mind, openness to new ideas and appetite to take risk with no blocks or barriers, were all that I practically learnt from him. Most looked like those that I could relate to a decade or earlier ago with many entrepreneurs at their peak of success.

What looked even amazing was that a subject like personal coaching got discussed at length, non committal ( and I was quite happy at that) with sufficient maturity and absorption for more than an hour. The lucidity of expectation, and what it might do to his business and himself, was so clear that even I was overwhelmed by a potential client like that. At 28 years of age the guy has already explored three spaces for business...right or wrong.. But the guy seemed like chasing his dreams incessantly.

Extremely motivating as it seemed, it was More of a life lesson for me. After all, all of us live only once..and living under depression, suppression and helplessness will only lead us to a miserable memory of our past, when we could, but did not change anything to move our orbit. Three cheers to the guy, and the spirit !!

Salutations to the spirit from ..and we will keep learning from such guys and keep helping many entrepreneurs in their journeys. Call 9893222222 if you may seek help in your endeavors.

Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Efficacy of coaching

Do share this. This cites 5 big examples of coaching ROI is very high as it impacts key performance points on the org structure.

Ridicule: The biggest barrier to change

I have been wondering for last few years, recalling many I knew, and what has been the common thread that was visible among a vast majority. It took me to arrive at only one word, and that is “Ridicule”. This is one such negative behaviour that tries to run down someone else’s efforts or results and dilutes it by creating a pre-conceived perceptual block to avoid break their internal inhibitions. These may be out of complexes, insecurities or comfort zones, that people tend to oversee the results of being appreciative of any such interpersonal opportunities.

Such dysfunction tends to build a strong and sticky wall as a barrier to learning and change, even if were to be beneficial for such individuals. These become repetitive reactions and many a times, knowing that ridiculing shall not do any good, they still end up ridiculing, for, their subconscious minds get trained to respond like that.

It is common to see this behaviour through casual body language, overconfidence, avoidance and pre-matured judgement or inferences. It is imperative to be mindful of such sticky behaviours and work consciously to manage them well in time before they begin to inflict damage to overall personality. Want to know more and willing to work on it? Call 9893222222 or visit