Tuesday, 8 March 2016

Here is why committing to routines helps build new behaviours

At work and otherwise, I meet many, who have a long list of wishes, and to do’s, that will potentially be the turning points in their lives. Most are statements of benign intents but stated as ‘would like to’, ‘starting next month’, ‘waiting for right time to begin’, ‘caught up with many things’ and not moving forward is eloquently defended. Eventually, it is a state of stillness like a marvellous piece of precision engine that has no drive, or fuel.


In reality, most of such people fears associated with committing to newer behaviors that will offend the current state of inertia and will demand some effort to regain homeostasis. Most behaviors in practice that have been learnt and rehearsed over years get challenged and defences kick in.


The other set of much braver set of individuals who begin with high level of commitment but little commitment or perseverance get dared by comfort zones and slowly roll back to either the old or little better set of behaviors.


The highest success rate I have experienced is with those who adopt new behaviors and commit to them uncompromisingly, in routine. The results with such individuals are faster, higher in impact, and sustainable. The biggest indicators symptoms like restlessness with the new normal, yet supported by persistence, sustained realization of improved well being, and lookout for ways to overcome than to stop and roll back.


Sticky behaviors became stick over years and newer ones shall take their time too. Success lies in being mindful of the change process, and keep building on it. Routines are helpful in this area as they provide higher probability of adoption and expediting the re-freezing process.


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